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Who am I?[edit]

Me, under a plague commemorating William Rowan Hamilton's discovery of Quaternions

I'm Silverfish. My name comes indirectly from Goldfinger. On some messageboards and the like I'm known as Bronzefinger, but I decided at some point I wanted a different name, so thought about Silverfinger, then settled on Silverfish.

I'm a maths graduate, from England. Video games are probably the bulk of my major contributions, although for some reason I've found myself writing about old game shows.

I am interested in maths, hence my degree, but there doesn't seem to be very much that I can usefully add that isn't covered already.

Entries to write[edit]

To do[edit]

Entries I've written[edit]

These are entries I've either started, or added significant amount to:

Smaller significant edits[edit]







  • Verifying Images - where I keep track of images where I've asked the uploader about source/copyright details.
  • My Images - Images I've uploaded, currently screenshots I've taken, and my dad's photos.
  • Math Categories